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how to connect

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1) Setup

Button 4 is from Left to Right, first row, the fourth button.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

In order to connect the fight stick to PC, make sure the original USB cable from the fightstick is connected either to the Game System(PS3, Xbox 360) or PC. Then use the USB cable provided to connect to the PC.

Version 1 (where you can see a 16-step switch, 16-mode, 2 combos)

Now hold button4 and reset button at the same time. Then release the reset button first, and then release button4.
Preloaded Combo buttons location:

Download driver and Software V1.0(December 11, 2009)

Version 2 and above (No 16-step switch, 8-mode, 4 combos)

For new version, if there's no RESET button next to the USB port, then use the BACK button for xbox 360 and SELECT for the PS3 version.
Preloaded Combo buttons location:

Now hold button1 and button5 and RESET button at the same time. Then release the RESET button first, and then release button1 and button5.

Dowload driver and Software V2.2(March 20, 2011)
please uninstall the old version first.


2)Driver install

Windows will scratch its head for a while and then ask you if you want it to try and find a driver for you, or if you want to tell it where to look for a driver. You need to tell it where to look for the driver.

the inf file is in win2k_xp_vista32_64 folder.

You should now have an extra com port in your device manager.

Click on scan port in the software and select the installed com port and click connect.

If it connects, it will loads a bunch of messages to the windows.

Now you can customize the combos.

Preloaded combos for Version 1:

1) RYU 1-Hadoken 2-Ultra
2) KEN 1-Hadoken 2-Ultra
3) GUILE 1-Sonic Boom 2-Ultra
4) ChunLi 1-Kikoken 2-Ultra.HosenKa
5) Blanka 1-Rolling Attack 2-Ultra_lighting_cannonball
6 )Honda 1-Sumo_headbutt 2-Ultra
7)Abel 1-FallingSky 2-Ultra
8)Balrog 1-Buffalo Head 2-Ultra
9)Crimson 1-ThunderKnuckle 2-Ultra
10)Dalshim 1-Yoga Fire 2-Ultra
11)ElRuerte 1-HabaneroDash 2)Ultra
12)Bison 1-HeadPress 2-Ultra
13)Rufus 1-SnakeStrike 2-Ultra

Preloaded combos for Version 2 and above:

Mode 1
combo1: SF4-Ryu-Hadoken
combo2: SF4-Ryu-UltraHadoken
combo3: SF4-Ryu-Tatsumaki
combo4: SF4-Ryu-SuperHadoken

Mode 2
combo1: SF4-Guile-SonicBoom
combo2: SF4-Guile-UltraFlashExplosion
combo3: SF4-Guile-SuperDoubleFlash
combo4: SF4-Guile-FlashKick

Mode 3
combo1: SF4-ChunLi-Kikoken
combo2: SF4-ChunLi-Spinning Bird Kick
combo3: SF4-ChunLi-Super
combo4: SF4-ChunLi-Ultra

Mode 4
combo1: SF4-Crimson-BurningKick
combo2: SF4-Crimson-SeismicHammer
combo3: SF4-Crimson-SuperEmerCombo
combo4: SF4-Crimson-UltraBurstTime

Mode 5
combo1: SF4-Dhalsim-Yoga Fire
combo2: SF4-Dhalsim-YogaTeleport
combo3: SF4-Dhalsim-Super-YogaInferno
combo4: SF4-Dhalsim-UltraYogaCatastrophe

Mode 6
combo1: SF4-Balrog-DashUpper
combo2: SF4-Balrog-DashLowSmash
combo3: SF4-Balrog-Super-CrazyBuffalo
combo4: SF4-Balrog-UltraViolentBuffalo

Mode 7
combo1: SF4-Sagat-LowTigerShot
combo2: SF4-Sagat-TigerKneeCrush
combo3: SF4-Sagat-SuperTigerGenocide
combo4: SF4-Sagat-UltraTigerDestruction

Mode 8

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