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Programmable Combo Fight stick for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360
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Programmable Combo Fight stick for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Price: $159.00
Mod service for fully programmable combo Fight Stick for ps3/ps4 and xbox One/360. One of a kind in the market. You can purchase a pre-modified fight stick or send us your fight stick for modification.


Product Information

Hi, you are looking at the most powerful fight stick - Fully Programmable Fight stick from InsaneCombo
This is for mod service only, please send us your fight stick for mod or you can order from us.


Fully programmable combo joystick allows you to design your own combos for all fighting games. Pressing a button delivers sequence of programmed keystrokes with appropriate delay. It works with all the games i.e Street Fighter 4, King of Fighters 12, Tekken 6, BlazeBlue, Dead or Alive, Mortal Combat etc.

4 combo buttons on each mode. Total of 8 modes which selectable with a combination of a reset button and game buttons. It uses 4 buttons in the fight stick as COMBO 1 to COMBO 4. These 4 combo buttons can be assigned to any 4 of the 8 buttons. You will have to assign the buttons you're going to use as COMBO to "No Function" in the game. However, for street fighter which uses 6 buttons for game play, it can be selected to activate all four combo buttons or just two combo buttons.

This mod requires any fight stick that have 8 button Layout. For example, Madcatz fight stick Tournament edition, Madcatz fight stick Regular Edition.

This programmable combo fight stick uses advanced microcontroller to generate appropriate signals to the joystick and buttons. Using the software, you can program a sequence of buttons on the fly.

There will be a few things added to the appearence of the fightstick box:
1) USB port.
2) Reset Switch

Software Interface

Simply connect the USB cable to your PC(Windows XP, Vista) to use this software.
To Connect:
1) Hold Button 1 and button 5 and Reset.
2) Release Reset, and then release both Button 1 and Button 5.
3) Select the right port and click Open Port.

It will now load a bunch of messages and now you can start editing and designing your combos.

The interface is pretty self-explanatory. Please see some basic operations.
Select the desired mode on the left. Now just double click the arrow to select the desired direction or which buttons need to be pressed.
Then double click on this b or awill pop up and DELAY SETTING window.


You can now select how much delay before the next button(from 0 to 4 seconds with 0.01 second each step). Selecting END HERE will terminate the combo at that point.

After you complete, click cc to save it to the microcontroller. Now you can test your combo. If everything is Ok, unplug USB cable from PC and click RESET on the box. Now enjoy the combos.

More pictures:

sdf aa bb

Insane Features

Loading and Saving to File (*.cob)
Each combo can be saved to file with extension (*.cob). In the same manner, users can load combo file instead of manually input all the keystrokes. We strongly encourage users can share their combo files in the download area. Please see Combo Files section at Simply looking around and see which move you want to use on your fightstick and click DOWNLOAD. Load the downloaded file to your controller and you have the combo.

Backup File (*.bck)
You can save all your combos/designs in a backup file. In case you mess up your moves, load it back with the Backup File.

Auto Detect Button Mapping.
Since everybody's button layout preference is different, loading others' combo file may cause a LIGHT KICK become a HEAVY PUNCH. Therefore, we encourage users setup their button configuration correctly. So that when user is using others' combo files, this software can convert the button layout to your preference correctly.


Auto Direction
If it's checked, it will automatically convert your combo to the opposite direction based on your last directional key. For example, if you design Ryu-Hadoken. You start the design as the 1st player position, then it will be DOWN, DOWN-LEFT, LEFT and then PUNCH. With this feature on, you can use Hadoken in either position. If your last directional key is Right, then it will fire to right, and if your last directional key is Left, then it will fire to Left.

Charging Advantage
Some characters need to precharge. This technology makes charging a lot easier. What you need to do is to manually charge the character and press COMBO key.

Although your character still crouching, for example Guile, it will fire Sonic Boom and Flash Kick no matter what his position is.

Please note that you can of course use the software to put some delay for charging automatically but this is not practical.

Upgradable Firmware
New Features will be added and Firmware can be upgraded easily with USB Connection.

Please take a look at some videos.

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